Friday, September 19, 2008

Oooh, let me see what YOU are knitting?

Fall is a busy time at Beyond the Rainforest. I am a knitting instructor and I have a busy schedule of classes. Last Wednesday was my first class in knitting a sweater. I've taught this class many times and it's always fun for me anyway! I let the students pick the sweater they want to knit and pray that it's one I can actually help them with! I consider myself an intermediate knitter and hope they don't show up wanting to knit some truly advanced design in some foreign language or something that I can't even begin to understand. So far so good. When I talk to my son about this he'll say, well aren't you the best knitter Mom? I tell him noooooo....I am not. I'm good for this class though and we are going to have fun.

The ladies (no guys in my classes yet) are all doing different sweaters. Let's see, there are 2 patterns from Ann Norling, 1 from Maggiknits, 1 from Knit Simple and one from Rowan. One children's sweater and the rest are all adult sizing. I'll post pictures when I can figure that part of blogging out! It's a great mix of knitters and patterns and over the next 6 weeks everyone will see their work progress and hopefully have a sweater when all is said and done.

The best thing for me is I have a lot of fun doing this. We laugh, cry (sometimes) and get to know each other. We see how all the different patterns are written and how they knit up with the yarn chosen. I like to teach knitting. My students tell me I am a good instructor and I really appreciate that.

What am I working on? I just finished the Warm Ups for The Natural Dye Studio, still haven't mailed the socks to England (or do they say Britain?), mailed Tiffany her present, finished the sample of the Mystery Sock for Socktoberfest, finished the Spartan Scarf for one of my customers (that was painful as I am an Ohio State fan) and now am working on the Warm Ups for Wednesday's Sock of the Month pattern.

Oh, and the Thank You scarf. Oh, and the Hope Floats sock and pattern. Oh, and the felted Christmas Stocking. Oh, and Andy's U of M socks (another painful knitting process). Now that I start writing all of this I better get to work!

Must knit now,



Steph said...

I love the pink ribbon socks! Amazing job!!

maryeb said...

I came in search of info on the wrist warmers/fingerless gloves that I saw on ravelry and found your delightful post.

You are oh so brave to be teaching a sweater class. Of course teaching is a great way to learn.

I look forward to seeing what your students are making.