Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipliner and Eyeliner are NOT Interchangeable

Okay, here's what happened...

I'm all excited and wound up today. Those of you who know me know I tend to get like that on occasion, well, regularly if the truth be told. I'm making good progess on the Mother May I's going to Australia on Monday, I have my last sock class tonight and the knitters are doing a great job. I think there are some TV shows I like on tonight even though the new season of Criminal Minds hasn't started. I have a new idea for a sock and while I'm still struggling with the Shirley Temple Socks(frankly, I'm getting downright p_ssed that I can't get my idea to work out) I'm pleased with the one I have in my head right now.

I like to wear makeup. All those little bottles and brushes and colors and lotions just make me happy. I've worn makeup since I was a teenager. So, I'm getting "powdered and perriwigged" as my Mother would say and thinking about my new sock idea and cursing Shirley Temple(sorry Shirley). I put my eyeshadow, eyeliner(I stopped when I was doing this and thought hmmm) then moved right on to the mascara and so on. I grab my lipliner and start to put it ever so carefully around my lips and think, "Why is my lipliner eggplant and not red/terra?" At that point I looked at my face and eyes....yep, I did it again. I had my lipliner(this reddish brown terracotta color) on my eyes and part of my lip was this purple color. I swore, actually I think a string of curse words came out! Now I can get the purlply crap off my lips but I'll have to start over to get the red eyeliner off my eyes. Not going to do that I can tell you! So, if you see me today and I have extra heavy eyeliner on and wonder why....I'm not going for the Cleopatra or Goth look. I'm trying to cover up my red/terra lipliner I so gleefully put on my eyes. I've actually done this more than once!

What else am I up to? Mailing Tiffany her birthday present. Apparently I don't know how to connect with Flickr yet to put a picture here. My Flickr ID is Phyll2001. Tiffany is in medical school at Ohio University and just had a birthday. I know it's after the fact but she'll be happy I hope.

And, getting ready to mail Amanda some socks. She is the owner of The Natural Dye Studio and I hope she like them. I'll try the picture thing again. Well, it's not in the right spot but those at the top are what's headed over the pond! I like them. The question is, will Amanda?

Hey, the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk is October 11 in our area. Sign up if you haven't already done so.

Have to run and fix my face. Damn lipliner. I suppose I should have looked at the thing. Oh well.

Must knit now,



Anonymous said...

How cute are these, I love the yarn too....

Cindy M said...

Oh, my, but you got me laughing out loud at my computer. I totally understand though, and have done similar things myself. I'm sure it's from the designing, or so I tell myself.


Márcia e Agulhas said...

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